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I'm a natural alpha female; strong and athletic, with a nasty sadistic side.


An all-action woman, with a muscle bound, ass-kicking body that has been honed with years of sport. Alongside practising martial arts, I surf, lift weights, ride mountain bikes and dirtbikes, which helps to explain the deadly strength of my 25 inch quads.


I am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blue belt. I have also trained in Freestyle Wrestling, Pro-wrestling and has a background in striking (Muay Thai and Boxing).


I've been doing fetish wrestling sessions since January 2015. I have spent hundreds of hours dominating men all over the world and I have loved every minute of it.


Vital statistics: 

  • Height: 5ft 8 (1.72 m)
  • Weight: 156lb (71kg)
  • Thighs: 25"
  • Feet: Size 7 (UK)


Favourite submissions, moves and wrestling holds:

  • Rear naked choke with Body triangle
  • Reverse Headscissors
  • Camel Clutch
  • Hand over Mouth smother


Whether you are brand new to session wrestling or an experienced player on the mixed wrestling scene, I will make you feel at ease. I am super friendly, until we hit the mat! Then it is time for you to suffer...


The type of fetish sessions that I enjoy are...


Ask nicely and I can ruin your day in many ways. I enjoy most clothed fetishes...however I particularly love: 

  • Semi-competitive wrestling
  • Domination wrestling
  • Pro-wrestling moves - I LOVE camel clutch, Boston crab, headlocks and grapevines!
  • Breathplay - Facesitting and Hand over Mouth
  • Fantasy and Roleplay - Bitch Boss, Evil Personal Trainer, Bad Cop and many more
  • Submission matches
  • Pin matches
  • Scissor sessions
  • Ballbusting - please note - NO nudity for this
  • Beatdowns - one-sided boxing
  • Bondage Wrestling
  • High Heel/Foot Worship
  • Trampling


What do I like wear?


I have an extensive fetish wardrobe. Here are some of my favourites:

You are welcome to make a clothing request when you book


  • Age limits - you must be 21 years or older
  • Body worship - I only allow foot worship
  • I do not offer choke outs or knockouts
  • I do not offer any nudity or sexual acts WHATSOEVER
  • You must be clothed at all time
  • Booking in advance is essential - I require a minimum of 48hrs window before an appointment

I recommend that you read my FAQ and then book your mixed wrestling session


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