Session Reviews

WP...Sri Lanka...January 2018
Lot of session girls say in their profile they will come to the clients city if they are sponsored. But many of them are not brave enough to do it. 
Scorpion actually did it. She was the first session wrestler ever as per my knowledge, to came to Sri Lanka. 
She was very positive and easy to work with during the initial planing stage. Replied to mails and made the bookings promptly. She was very honest when doing transactions, she refunded me some money when she got the air ticket to a cheaper price, which she could easily kept as I didn't aware of it. 

She is one of few session wrestlers who are confident and skilled enough to offer competitive sessions. She kept the door open without putting the client on the coridoor uncomfortably. She is a very nice person. 

She was in her one piece speedo suit as I requested and her height and weight just looked right as in her profiles. She is nearly equal to my height and 4-5 kgs heavier than me. Her 25" legs definitely outsized mine by about 4" and even biceps are about 1" bigger than mine. I'm not a professional athlete but competitive person in sports in general. 

We started with arm wrestling, b'cos I knew generally women's legs and lower body are strong but arms and upper body is the weaker part, so I wanted to start the session with a winning note. We haven't measured our biceps in that time, but I noticed she considerably has big biceps as a woman. But I was very confident that I can beat this woman in arm wrestling, But I was very wrong. I couldn't move her arms and neither she could. We were even. I was surprised at that time but now knowing her biceps are bigger than mine, it's obvious. I asked her about ending it as a draw, but she didn't want. That's how competitive she is. As time goes my bicep muscles were getting tired and sore but her power stayed stable. So my arms went down little by little and my man muscles gave up to her feminine muscles eventually. 

Now I was knowing I'm dealing with a strong woman, I wanted to give 100% from the first round. My game plan was to stay away from her strong legs and score some early points to take the control of the match. WE engaged in arm locks in knee position and I was givving my full power to push her backward but she wasn't moving back. Then suddenly she used my push to pull me down towards her and before even I realized what happenned, She was on top of me. She did those techniques to beat me through out the session. As we are even in strength It was impossible to get out of her control when she is on the top as she get the advantage of gravity. 

Her scissors were super strong. Her legs are smooth and soft from the top but has strong muscles inside. 
I could feel her inner thigh muscles wrap around my neck as she scissored and maximum time I could stay without submitting was 8 seconds and that was only one time. Most of the time it was below 3 seconds and some were only one second. Believe me if I could stay another second without tapping I would, because I was already embarrassed of my performance, But for some of scissors specially reverse head scissors, I couldn't bear the pain more than a second. I was ended up losing 23-0 to her in 50mins of wrestling averaging about 1 submission for every 2 mins. 

In addition to those I must say she is very professional, always took care of the safety, asked constantly if I'm ok to makesure her goddess strong body does not break my poor man body. She even asked if am I ok after our sessions several time and even after she went back to london. She is that kind and caring woman. 

She is the easiest business woman to work with and strongest and most skilled woman I've ever met in my Life, and I would definitely book a session if she comes again to my country. Money I spent for her air ticket, accomadation and session was definitely worth the experience she gave to me and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a wrestling session.   
IG...London...December 2017
Had a rough sweaty and extremely fun session with the lovely scorpion, this time wearing BJJ gis. Over the course of an hour, she slowly methodically used her BJJ knowledge to sweep pin and submit me several times, using my own gi to wrap me up into a helpless package and applying many technical choke holds and arm locks. Any brief offence I could mount and any positional dominance I managed to secure was quickly reversed, and I spent most of the hour pinned beneath her trying to avoid her choke hold and arm lock setups. Would highly recommend this type of session for anyone interested in facing a tough skilled opponent who takes delight in smashing her victims
WB....USA....November 2017
I had my first session with "The Scorpion" last week. I was soooo glad to see that she was traveling to the US. She is simply a charming, beautiful English woman. She made me feel completely comfortable as she was so easy to talk to. I guess that is what's called English charm:) I had requested a smother session where she would use her jiu-jitsu skills to smother me with feet, butt, hands, armpit,,,etc. Her fitness and training became very apparent as she easily transitioned from one smother hold to another, even tapping me out by smothering me in the crook of her knee. Bottom line - I had a fantastic time. The Scorpion is by far worth every penny... or should I say farthing. She is 5 out 5 Stars!
OM...Pro session...USA...November 2017
Straight outta the UK comes a dynamo of wrestling fury..Scorpion. We had a pro-style session and she nailed it. Everything from the one-piece suit to the knowledge of holds to the trash talking to the back and forth action, it was exactly what I was looking for. We even got silly with some true pro-style shenanigans. She is a lovely lady and we had a great time chatting between falls. Definitely very accommodative and not a clock watcher. Highly recommended when she visits the states!
DK....USA...November 2017
I met Scorpion recently in DC on one of her regular visits to the US.  I have been at this hobby for several decades and can say without doubt that she is in my all time top three!  Scorpion looks the part…rock hard legs and six pack abs…and she knows every trick in the session book.  I asked to experience her best  pro style submission holds and got 30+ minutes of everything you’ve ever seen on TV…several different crabs, every leg and arm lock in the book, bear hugs, belly punches, and of course scissors that are to die for!  When I taught her a few new ones, she eagerly made me suffer through them.  If you’ve never been to London, Scorpion alone would be worth the trip.  If that doesn’t work, make sure you book her the next time she’s in the US.
EM....USA....November 2017
"For little over a year I wanted to session with Scorpion; yet our plans kept falling through (mainly on my part). But this year I finally had a session with Scorpion and it was better than I ever could've hoped (and I'm not just saying that to be polite). She responded to my messages in a timely fashion and, even though the session arrangements were last minute (and fairly impromptu) she was still extremely accommodating. The session itself was among the funnest and most memorable I've ever been in (I mean, wow!): I wanted to enact a domination scenario where in, initially, I would be the dom and Scorpion would be the sub--I would try to punish her but then she would turn it around on me punish me for the whole session. I pitched it to her and went over what exactly I wanted to happen; the whole time she was very attentive and open minded. When she was dominating me we stayed in character the whole time, and she treated me just as cruelly as I had hoped, it was the best! I'm glad I finally made time to session with Scorpion because it was by far one of the best session experiences I've had. Scorpion, on top of having a great body and being incredibly strong with major skills, is also such an awesome,laid back, person; even if the session had been bad, Scorpion's personality, alone, would have made up for it. But, luckily, the session was great. If one is considering having a session with Scorpion, stop considering... just do it."
DF....London...September 2017
I'll admit that I was a little nervous meeting Scorpion for the first time. This was going to be only my second delve into the world of session wrestling, the first had been enjoyable and i wondered if could be matched. So I went to the chosen venue flapping slightly and on edge. It didn't help either when I first saw Scorpion strip down to her wrestling outfit, I physically gulped. She is in amazing shape, very Amazonian and athletic. Scorpion could see I'd hit a panic button and started to reassure me that we would have fun and calm me down. So then we discussed what id like to happen in the next hour.This is where Scorpion's great experience at session wrestling kicks in. She asked me some questions about my likes and dislikes and then suggested a few things that i liked the sound of. We then got down to wrestling.
Now I'm 6'3 and 189lbs in reasonable shape but in no way a wrestler or BJJ expert, Scorpion is. What Scorpion did to me in the next hour was just insane. I tried, I really tried my best but i just got schooled. I attacked, Scorpion scissored me, I defended, Scorpion scissored me, I stayed still, Scorpion scissored me, I drank my water, Scorpion scissored me. Scorpion then got bored of scissoring me and then showed me her vast array of different holds and manoeuvres to which I yelped,winced and begged while Scorpion chuckled, smirked and teased. At one stage when she somehow had all my limbs pinned to the mat she still had both hands free and joked that she wished she had brought a magazine to read while i struggled to free myself. I was definitely no match for Scorpion and found myself tapping more times then a woodpecker. In the end it felt as though every single joint on my arms and legs had been strained in some way. At each drink break i felt myself nursing another part of my anatomy, while Scorpion just poked fun at me saying she is not even trying yet. The only discomfort I caused Scorpion was that at one point i think a bead of my sweat fell in her eye causing her mild irritation and that was it. I think the score was 20-0 in the end and i was happy with that. But the main thing is we had fun.
Scorpion had given me exactly what I'd asked for and some. As I said before I'm new to this but Scorpion isn't so when we found ourselves in certain situations on the wrestling mats Scorpion would then try something with me that i didn't know if id like or not. This is when it really hit me that Scorpion is really trying to give me great time, she is not satisfied just going through the motions and just pinning me at will. She wants me to of enjoyed myself and walk out of there a truly satisfied customer. We had a chat afterwards and I could ask her some questions, again this just added to Scorpions appeal. Scorpion is witty,charismatic and beautiful (I don't think she'll like me saying that) so I'll even it up with devilish, sadistic and brutal. All in all I had fun and really enjoyed myself and cannot what to meet her again. I'm going for 19-0 next time, slight improvement. 
If there are any other newbies out there thinking of a wrestling session then give Miss Scorpion a go, she is a true professional and will deliver exactly what you want. If there are any BJJ experts out there that haven't given Miss Scorpion a go then give her a go and maybe you can wipe that pretty smirk of her face.
TH....London...June 2017
Thank you again for the most enjoyable session yesterday.  It was 
a wonderful workout and has left me delightfully sore in the joints 
this morning.   The highlights were without question your figure 
four leg lock and my time in bondage. I hope we can do it all 
again soon.
Gary...Leeds...May 2017

'I had the pleasure of meeting the amazing Scorpion yesterday for my first ever session, obviously Scorpion looks beautiful on her pictures but they really don't do her justice as she is simply stunning in person and that is matched by her personality as she is a genuinely kind and warm person that wants to make she you have the best time possible. 
Leading up to the session Scorpion was in constant communication via e-mail and on her mobile leading upto the session, she was simply a pleasure to deal with so she knew the kind of session I was after before I arrived but still took the time to have a nice chat with me beforehand which really put me at ease as it was like talking to someone I'd known for years! I was very nervous beforehand as this was my first session but as soon as I met with Scorpion all my fears were gone as she is such a warm and friendly person who really looks after her clients and cares that they get out of the session everything that they want.
The session itself was more than I could have hoped, Scorpion took it very easy on me which was exactly what I was after and all I could handle but it was scary just how little effort she used to control me and dominate me and make me tap (warning me before hand to get my hand ready!) without ever making me feel uncomfortable or out of my depth. She has got beautiful soft skin but a rock hard femine body with tremendous power, her strength is very impressive and I was powerless to even budge her once she had me in position.
I was after a playful martial arts and foot domination session which suits Scorpion and her bubbly personality perfectly, she was always laughing, joking and making sure I was having a great time as she was putting me in locks, chokes and foot chokes, she has the most beautiful soft feet. All the holds and techniques were always delivered with safety in mind, all applied perfectly but I was in no doubt just what this amazing lady was capable of doing, if you want an intense competitve session Scorpion will kick your ass with ease and enjoying doing it, if you want something lighter and more playful Scorpion will again be perfect as she just wants to have a good time herself. she is a highly skilled BJJ practitioner and a great session wrestler who will be perfect for any level of sessioner and she will make sure you get out of the session exactly what you want, you will not be disappointed!!


Scorpion is not a clock watcher and was kind enough to pose for some photos for me as well so I could remember my first ever session. This was a fantastic experience and one I will never forget, Thank you Scorpion for a day to remember, you rock!!'

Darren...Leeds...May 2017
I wanted to say thank you for a fantastic session yesterday, it was without any doubt the best wrestling session I have ever had.
From your prompt email responses in arranging, to the toughest actual session of my life, (I apologise again for over stepping into competitive), to chatting with you all in simply the best.
I wish you well with your other sessions here in Leeds, and hope these are successful to make you want to come back. 


Ian....Birmingham...May 2017


Just a quick thank you for todays session in Birmingham.At a difficult time you really cheered me up and took my mind off my recent sad events.I really,really enjoyed myself and found you to be very professional with regards to arranging the session.Your communication on the day was faultless.I was particularly impressed with you going to the effort of setting up the mats etc. at the excellent venue.You are a credit to the industry.

You are very skilled at what you do, and i never felt that I was ever in any danger of being injured (thankfully).Although all joking aside I felt that your legs could of really put me to sleep in seconds.
 and loved that experience. I really enjoyed your outfit too,great boots,you looked stunningly beautiful if I may say so !

Hope to meet up again maybe next time you are in Birmingham for another embarrassing beating lol.



Bobby Jobber...Ring session...February 2017


"Everything about my session with the gorgeous Scorpion was perfect. I was looking to be jobber to her heel, and she was happy to listen to all my suggestions before dishing out an excellent beat-down, while always conscious of my safety. The venue – Monica’s wrestling centre – was outstanding, with a great wrestling ring and Scorpion’s ring outfit was also stunning. The whole experience was everything I was hoping for and I will definitely go back for more. Life is short, book a session with Scorpion!”


Damon...London...January 2017


I recently had a session with scorpion 15/01/2017 and being a complete novice as this was only my second time,I was extremely nervous but scorpion did a great job in putting me at ease,we exchanged a few e mail's and arranged a session,on first meeting scorpion I was greeted with a lovely welcoming hug and smile,we talked a little bit about the session and how it would go,now on to the session,which was going to be a beatdown,scorpion looked absolutely stunning in the catsuit I had requested,the session itself was amazing,it all started softly then bang the first reverse head sisscor,it was insane and had me tapping like crazy,her thighs are incredibly strong and could have easily knocked me out at any time scorpion was teasing me throughout the session as she crushed and destroyed me
With various devastating holds,it was a great session,finishing off with some ballbusting,I was dropped many times by some strong kicks,scorpion was smiling throughout,scorpion took great pleasure in finishing me of with some knee's to the groin,the last one completely destroyed me and I fell to the mats,scorpion standing over me in a victory pose and laughing at my expense .overall scorpion is a must to have a session with,a lovely person, great smile and personality.and someone who obviously enjoys what she don't waste any time get booking her :-)


Review from CW....January 2017


I have just finished a submission session with the awesome Scorpion, being 33 years old and having been involved in sports half my life I was as still expecting it to be fairly tough but had absolutely no idea how good and strong scorpion would be.
I was taller and heavier but genuinely couldn't stop her racking up the submissions, I was amazed at the variety of holds and was tapping out much more than I ever thought I would!
Scorpion is a very good looking and athletic, she had great banter when she wasn't kicking my ass, her choke holds were particularly brutal!
I used to think when watching mixed wrestling that the men were always half letting themselves be pinned, I was put in some holds that I was powerless to escape!
I would highly recommend Scorpion and the session far exceeded my expectations, she was friendly and yet I got the feeling she could be very dominant!


Review from ribs_crushed.....Portugal...November 2016


I met Miss Scorpion during her holidays in Portugal , and had 2 sessions with her within 3 days ... 


As you guys know I was unsatisfied with my latest session experiences but Miss Scorpion made me believe that in this business you'll always find someone to match your taste in what comes to competitiveness. 


She is very skilled ... Good mobility , BJJ moves , strong scissors , It was a really fun session ! I haven't had that much fun since I wrestled Kathy Gifford in 2012. 


Apart from her wide skillset , she is a very nice, talkative person , allows people to take pictures\selfies with her or in a hold ... nice memories to keep :o)



Review from schatten.....USA....November 2016


Had an amazing session with her today- my second in about a year. :-) 


We met up in an apartment she rented. Just as last year, she was very upbeat and personable, and we got along extremely well (keep in mind we've corresponded a bit on various sites, so we established a rapport previously). She was in great shape, and I really noticed how toned her abs were, in particular. At my request, she was dressed in colorful leggings from one of her videos and a black top. Another client had brought some amazing mats, which was very cool. Usually when I session, it's on a bed, the floor, or crappy thin mats. These mats were thick and professional, which was a huge plus. They did a nice job of covering the hardwood floor and giving us plenty of grappling space.


We started out doing competitive wrestling. My idea was to do a scenario in which I was at the gym and saw her working out, and basically said she was a weak girl who could never take me. We both were stretching in the "gym," and I, as what she dubbed the "gym pervert" (GP), was an asshole, basically ogling her and saying she I could easily overpower her. Then the taunting began from her side, and the grappling commenced!


I believe we started on our knees but can't recall. Quickly, I noticed that Miss Scorpion had gotten more skilled over the past year. I was able to resist for a little bit but couldn't hold out for too long. (let's be honest - I wanted to lose, but I was also putting up an honest to goodness fight for a while) Once I was down on my back, she made relatively short work of me. I was able to get her in a headlock briefly and also throw up some weak scissors of my own on her, but these moves didn't go anywhere. While she didn't submit me immediately, it didn't take her all that long, either. Her core was simply too strong for me, and I wasn't able to budge her much once she got into mount position. Scorpion also utilized numerous chokes, including rear naked chokes, to devastating effect. After she got me to tap several times (I believe due to scissors? I can't remember), we went into the domination portion of the session.


I was tied up (hands, then feet later), gagged with duct tape, and she smothered me for long periods. She also utilized reverse headscissors (very uncomfortable, even if I enjoyed the view), figure fours, chokes, and grapevines. While smothering me, she frequently taunted me and slapped my balls (over my shorts). At one point, she put me in a unique armbar in which she utilized her legs - I can't really properly describe it, but damn did it hurt. The session ended with more facesitting and foot worship. Then we grabbed lunch. All in all, a great session!



Review from Nick.....London....October 2016


Thanks so much for an unforgettable session yesterday. Don't know if my joints will ever be up to a second round, but you were the perfect host. If that's the right word :o)


(Final official score: 30-nil? lol)


Review from Jack....July 2016


Thank you SO much for the fun! I absolutely loved it:) you're mean and brutal in a sane and safe way, what could a guy want more:)
This was indeed the first time that a session moved to good slaps, punches and elbows. And the best thing: I could not do much about it.. I love it that I now learned that I like that, thank you:)

Omg I want another session! 

Review from F.....Manchester....June 2016


Well all I can say is wow! Fantastic!

I never thought I'd ever cut a session short!

You must let me know the next time you're in Manchester and I'd definitely book another session!

Wrestling and Dom, would be perfect. I've never found a dom that can do what you can, for that matter I've never met a wrestler that can do what you can either! 

Thank you ! You're amazing !

Review from Marc....Paris....March 2016


"Scorpion is a nice person and she has a sense of humour. She has an athletic body, strong arms and strong legs. She has a very good technique and she knows many holds. In 3 days, we did 3 competitive sessions and every session was different. Her favourite hold is rear naked choke (RNC) with body triangle. We made a bet (30€) about my ability to escape this hold; what a mistake! She squeezed hard, I could not breathe, I has had to tap immediately and I lost 30€. She has a very good resistance: one time, I succeeded in keeping her neck in my arms and I squeezed. With her iron neck, she didn't tap, pushed my head with her hand, very skilfully escaped, came on my back and...RNC! Another time, she put me to the mat on my back, came on the top, captured my head in her legs, turned on her side and won the point with a perfect triangle choke. She knows many other holds; for example, she tried an armbar; I interlocked my fingers to resist but she pushed my left arm with her strong leg and extended my other arm easily. She is very quick and I could never  imagine her next attack.She has not her eye on the clock but,when the bell rang, I was so bruised with my neck and my arms so painful and I was happy to take a good rest. I like very competitive sessions; I think I have found a must with Scorpion."


Scorpion est une agréable personne avec le sens de l'humour. Son corps est athlétique, ses jambes et ses bras sont puissants. Sa technique est très bonne et elle connait de nombreuses prises. En 3 jours, j'ai disputé 3 rencontres compétitives contre elle, différentes à chaque fois. Sa prise favorite est l'étranglement arrière (RNC) avec triangle au corps. J'avais parié parié 30€ que j'échapperais à cette prise. Quelle erreur! Elle me serra si fort que je ne pouvais plus respirer, je dus taper immédiatement et je perdis 30€... Elle a une grosse résistance. Une fois, je réussis à capturer son cou dans mon bras et je serrais. Son cou doit être en acier: elle ne tapa pas, poussa ma tête et mon cou avec sa main, s'échappa, pris mon dos et....RNC! Une autre fois, elle me jeta sur le dos sur le tapis, se mit sur moi, captura ma tête dans ses jambes, bascula sur le côté et gagna le point avec un parfait étranglement en triangle. Elle connait bien d'autres prises. Par exemple, alors que j'essayais de résister à une tentative d'armbar en entrecroisant mes doigts, elle appuya sa jambe puissante sur mon bras gauche pour le repousser, m'obligea à lâcher et étendit facilement mon bras droit. Elle est très rapide, enchaîne les attaques sans qu'on puisse imaginer la prise qui va suivre. Elle n'a pas l'oeil sur la montre mais c'est moi qui avais hâte que le gong sonne, tant j'avais le souffle court et les membres douloureux. J'aime le très compétitif: j'ai vraiment trouvé le must avec Scorpion.


Review from Ben.....Zurich...February 2016



After viewing a lot of videos online, where I thought that the guys “simulated” the pain I decided to have my first session last May with Scorpion. I contacted her online and she responded very quickly. She was very kind and professional, after a call and a few email the "rendez-vous" was taken. We both agreed on pantyhose for this session, when I first saw her I immediately noticed that she looks sexier and stronger than on the pictures. She totally demolished me during this first session, I was very surprised by her strength and control. She made me tap a lot of times with a lot of different grappling. She is a great wrestler, she can hold you tight without much efforts

A few months later, we agreed to meet again in Paris. We agreed for a semi comp (as I have no wrestling experience) and I asked her to keep her position when I tap and to not release me immediately. I also asked for more headscissors this time, she agreed and I wasn’t disappointed
I told her that this time I would be ready, that the effect of surprise was gone and this time won’t be as easy this time for her to make me tap. She warned me that she got stronger since last time…
I should have thrust her; she demolished me even more than last time. I couldn’t believe it but she got much more stronger in a few months. She also incredibly fast and also a great wrestler. She is totally in control and when she holds a squeeze you cannot escape and have to beg for her to let you go. The first reverse headscissor was insane, all her squeezes and her body scissors sucked of all my energies. In the end it was even hard for me to talk.
However Scorpion is a great person in life, very kind and funny, when she gets on the mat you will have a terrible time she will show no mercy and it will be for you to ask for it.

Après avoir visonné plusieurs videos en ligne, ou je trouvais que certains hommes exagéraient et avaient tendance à simuler la douleur, je pris enfin rendez-vous avec Scorpion en Mai dernier pour une première session. Tout est allé très vite, après l’avoir contacté sur son site web, quelques emails et un appel le rendez-vous était pris. Nous sommes mis d’accord pour une paire de colants pour cette session, quand je l’ai vu la première fois j’ai tout de suite remarqué qu’elle paraissait bien plus sexy mais aussi bien plus forte que sur les photos. En résumé elle m’a totalement démoli pour cette première fois, j’ai était très surpris de sa force et de sa maitrise. Elle m’a fait tappé de nombreuses fois avec des prises toutes plus différentes les unes que les autres.
Quelques mois plus tard, nous nous sommes revus à Paris pour une séance semi competitive, n’ayant moi meme jamais fais de lute ou autre art martial. Je lui ai aussi demandé de gardé sa position quand je tapais et de ne pas relacher sa pression immédiatement. J’ai aussi demandé plus de “headscissor” cette fois ci. Elle accepta et je ne fus pas déçu.
Etant sur de moi et pensant l’effet de surprise dissipé, je la prévins que ça ne serait pas aussi facile pour elle de me faire taper cette fois ci. Mais elle m’avertit qu’elle s’était beaucoup entrainné et était devenue bien plus fortes au cours de ces derniers mois.
J’aurais du la croire, pire que la dernière fois, sa victoire était bien plus écrasante. Je ne pouvais le croire mais elle était devenue encore bien plus forte en seulement quelques mois. Elle est aussi incroyablement rapide et ne vous laisse pas le temps de trouver une soltution. Une fois qu’elle vous tient entre ses jambes incroyablement puissantes, vous n’avez aucune chance de vous échapper, tout ce que vous pous pouvez faire c’est de supplier qu’elle vous relâche. Le premier “reverse headscissor” était littéralement fou, chacune de ses prises et “bodyscissor” m’absorbaient littéralement toute forme d’energie. A la fin il était meme diffiicle pour moi de parler...
Bien que Scorpion soit une femme très agreeable et très drôle dans la vraie vie, une fois sur le tapis elle ne montrera aucune pitié et ce sera à vous de la demander.


Review from Jon...London....January 2016


Well, What should I say. She has most professional approach towards her clients, she values her time at the same time considers Clients Request. She kinda made my dream come true. She understands your requirements and never disappoints if what you ask is in her limits. She is too strong for an average person like me, she could have easily broken any part of my body in no time. She has good looks too. For a first timers, I don’t think you can expect a more friendly session, just go for it.


Review from Brian....USA....December 2015


Scorpion is the real deal. Being a little heavier, a little younger and a former athlete, I thought I would have to hold back. I went all out and she wiped the floor with me 7-2 in a fully competitive pins and submissions match.

Scorpion is technical and patient in looking for ways to choke you out. That is until you're both sweaty and you begin to tire. Then you realize her muscles are not for show. She trains all the time so she is functionally strong, and just waiting for the moment to overpower and dominate you.

When she is not being a beast on the mat, she is a true professional and great conversationalist. She is more beautiful in person and even sexier than she knows. She loves to wrestle and wants to beat you at your best. If you're looking for something competitive with a gorgeous woman, stop looking and book Scorpion now.


Review from Adam - London - November 2015


In English and en Francais :o)


Being more a sub than a wrestler, I went to see Scorpion with a bit of apprehension. I was not sure we would succeed in combining her interests (wrestling and martial arts) with mine (domination/submission games). Moreover, it was my first time with a pro and I was afraid not to be physically fit enough. The session we had was amazing and better than what I could expect. Scorpion is a real beauty and a lovely person. She takes great care of her clients and it is obvious that she enjoys wrestling and sessioning. She was dressed in her lycra outfit (I could die for it!) and she could combine physical force with submission and punishment. If there were a subscription to sessions with Scorpion, I'd be the first one to book!


Plutôt attiré par la soumission que par la lutte, je suis allé voir Scorpion avec un peu d'appréhension. Allait-elle réussir combiner ses intérêts (la pratique de la lutte et des arts martiaux) avec les miens (la soumission)? Aussi, c'était la première fois pour moi que j'allais voir une professionnelle et j'avais un peu peur de ne pas tenir le coup physiquement. La session m'a comblé et a largement dépassé mes attentes. Scorpion est une femme et une personne magnifique, elle prend soin de ses clients et l'on voit qu'elle prend du plaisir à faire ce qu'elle fait. Dans sa combinaison en lycra (on ne peut plus sexy), elle a su force physique, soumission et punition. En vérité, si l'on pouvait prendre un abonnement aux sessions avec Scorpion, j'en serais le premier acheteur!


Review from Praxitales - Manchester - Autumn 2015


"I've just had a fully-comp submissions-only wrestling match with Miss Scorpion at Pippa L'Vinn's Wrestling Factory in Manchester.
We agreed beforehand that we would wrestle for 45 minutes, followed by 15 minutes of the winner dominating the loser.
As I weigh 83kg and she's only 66kg, she should have had no chance, right?  Wrong, wrong, wrong!
Right from the start of the match, she extracted submission after submission from me, using just her phenomenal skill and surprising strength.
There was no need for her to employ any 'dirty tricks' as some lady wrestlers are prone to do - she won absolutely fair and square.
And she won by 12 submissions to 0 - that works out at a submission every 3.75 minutes - staggering!
That's not to say I gave her an easy ride, either; she had to work hard for each and every submission, as I was trying with every ounce of my strength to avoid being trapped in her vice-like grip - all to no avail.
She also has an amazing tolerance to pain - when I managed to apply a very tight headlock on her, it had no effect.  
I also employed my deadliest weapon on her - body scissors - which on some other opponents has resulted in a tap in seconds.  As I piled on the pressure, she was able to absorb it without the slightest expression of pain or discomfort.  All I succeeded in doing was wearing myself out, allowing her to escape and apply her next move.
The other amazing thing was the sheer variety of holds she employed.  Unlike most other wrestlers, who tend to have one or two favourite or 'signature' moves, each of her submissions was gained through the application of a different hold.  She told me afterwards that she wanted to give me plenty of variety - she certainly did that!
All too soon, the 45 minutes was up, and my wrestling demolition at her hands was complete.  By now I was totally exhausted, and it was time for her to extract the forfeit from me she so richly deserved.
For the next 15 minutes, she took full advantage of her win.  As she kneed me in the balls, I had to count each one as it arrived.  She delivered multiple gut punches, really sinking them in.  She stood on my chest, full-weight, before jumping off, she pinched my nipples and smothered me with the soles of her feet.
What a woman!"
The full submission list - Neck crank - Anaconda choke - Single arm hammer lock
Bread cutter - Rear naked choke with body scissors - Mounted Triangle
Body scissors - Reverse guillotine - Neck pressure point - Reverse headscissors
Armbar with knee smother (mwahahhahaa) - Reverse figure four 
Review from Jae…….USA....Autumn 2015
Scorpion is a fantastic grappler and great person to be with. She has a fun devilish personality and really enjoys what she does. She was very professional throughout the process, setting up the session planning the type of session all went smoothy.   

I wrestled Scorpion during her visit to California, where she brought mats to the session.  She is stronger than she looks. I am 5'10" 215 lbs muscled gym rat. Scorpion was able to submit me many times even though I was much stronger than her.  She has large arsenal of immobilizing holds, and very skilled at transitioning between them.  Scorpion was able to move positions or even improve her position without giving me an opportunity to escape. 
She did not rush the session, and gave me proper time to recover when it was over. I could tell we both had a great time, and even the next day i could feel the effects of her arms and legs. The session was an absolute pleasure.


Review from SamWrestler@MxdWrestlerKing…….London...Spring 2015


I am 5’11 and roughly weigh 185lbs who has had sessions over the last 7 years, so I know my way around the mats and as well as the basics of wrestling and BJJ. I generally prefer to wrestle highly skilled women in a competitive session.


Scorpion is relatively new to the business so I had no prior knowledge of Scorpion or her pedigree but was highly recommended to me by Monica. Monica knows I prefer to wrestle highly skilled women so I had no reason to doubt her. I had booked a competitive session, and competitive session is what I got. It was an intense battle between the both of us on the mats, a lot of sweat and even a little blood was drawn. There were times where she would get the better of me and I would also have some success against her as well.


Scorpion ended up winning the match by 2 or 3 submissions, which I didn't mind as it was a great session overall and I certainly got my money’s worth. Despite her short stint in the wrestling industry she is already without doubt one of the better female wrestlers in the country




Review from MakeMeSubmit2U…….London...Spring 2015


I was in London this week and did a session with a wonderful  newcomer - Scorpion


Scorpion is a blast - her photos don’t do her justice - and even the best photos of her legs don’t do them justice.   But her wrestling is seriously unreal ....


Her BJJ training is evident in the skill and accuracy of her moves.   She does an amazing job of combining fantasy wrestling (scissors, smothers) with true BJJ submission fighting.   I knew for the first bit of the session, she was ‘going easy’ on me, and as we got to know each others’ capabilities, I encouraged her to play a little harder.  OMG - she was unreal.   I was tapping like crazy without any ability to stop the onslaught of this amazing fighter.  She had a dizzying array of outfits and looks simply stunning in either a catsuit (her favorite) or a latex bikini (my favorite).   She is really professional about arranging the session.   In a word - amazing.



Scorpion reviews her opponent.....Spring 2015


Plenty of people review us girls, so for a change here is my review from the other side of the coin.


I had a great session with a fetlife-er a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time we had met, we'd had a brief outline chat via email to agree a session date and format. We agreed on semi-competitive.


I wore a fishnet catsuit with bikini underneath, bikini on its own is waaaay too risky for vagina exposure! He wore a T-shirt and swim trunks, zero vagina exposure from him.


We rolled for about 45 mins out of the hour, stopping for lots of funny chat. We covered all topics from fetlife nutters, to trans women, to Arabs and coke bottles.


Now we come to the bone of contention. About halfway through I asked 'are you keeping score?'. He said no, not really. I ALWAYS keep score, so in my head I was 3-0 up on submissions. I told him this. His response 'I'm plaayiiingg for pins!!' Oh that's what they always say ;o)


He caught me in a few good side controls and I got stuck with him in guard a fair bit. In return I wore him down with some knee rides and tight side control, got his back and toyed with him a little. He was great fun to wrestle and hang out with. A real gentleman (in between rounds anyway).


Final score on submissions was around 6-1 to me. Mainly rear naked chokes, my favourite :o)

The real winner on the day was my goddamn hair! Trying to kill us both!!


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